Lipedema & Lymphedema | Lipo-Lymphedema | A Patient's Surgical Story | Part 1

This patient came to us after suffering from both Lipedema and Lymphedema, which is called Lipo-Lymphedema for years before seeking treatment. Dr. Jaime Schwartz developed a customized treatment plan to address her severe Lipo-Lymphedema. Her surgical plan will be completed in a series of treatments. This video is behind the scenes of her first surgery that included lymphatic sparing liposuction and Manual Lipedema Extraction- a technique exclusive to Dr. Jaime Schwartz. Her journey has inspired thousands through her social media platforms and we are proud to be a part of her story. Lipedema is a commonly misdiagnosed fat disorder, that affects one in nine women. Often diagnosed as overweight or morbidly obese, patients come to us for answers. And at Total Lipedema Care we know there is more to the story. ? ? Dr. Jaime Schwartz offers therapeutic nonsurgical and surgical treatments for patients who suffer from this painful fat disorder. Lymphatic-sparing surgeries and our exclusive manual extraction technique relieves the pain and pressure built up under the skin, to improve the movement and mobility.