Patient Journey: Surgery Three | Manual Lipedema Extraction & Lymphatic Sparing Liposuction

After months of searching for answers on what her symptoms of swelling, pain and lethargy could possibly mean, this patient found Dr. Jaime Schwartz at Total Lipedema Care. Following her formal diagnosis, Dr. Schwartz developed a customized treatment plan to specifically target her Lipedema. ? ? This patient lost more than 40 pounds after her first Lipedema procedure at Total Lipedema Care. She said her energy has been restored, along with her self confidence. ? ? Many people who suffer from this disorder endure the symptoms for years, without understanding the root cause or being formally diagnosed by a Lipedema specialist. Couple these physical symptoms with the emotional toll of feeling embarrassed and self-conscious about wearing shorts and dresses in public, and it can be devastating.? ?? Finding a doctor who understands and specializes in this disorder is a relief in itself to many. If you would like to set up a complimentary consultation with Dr. Jaime Schwartz at Total Lipedema Care, please contact us today.?