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At Total Lipedema Care we’ve created the most advanced techniques to relieve pain and help those suffering from lipedema to improve their quality of life.



This patient came to us after suffering from both Lipedema and Lymphedema, which is called Lipo-Lymphedema for years before seeking treatment. Dr. Jaime Schwartz developed a customized treatment plan to address her severe Lipo-Lymphedema. Her surgical plan will be completed in a series of treatments. This video is behind the scenes of her first surgery that included lymphatic sparing liposuction and Manual Lipedema Extraction- a technique exclusive to Dr. Jaime Schwartz. Her journey has inspired thousands through her social media platforms and we are proud to be a part of her story.
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Manual Lipedema Extraction & Lymphatic Sparing Liposuction


After months of searching for answers on what her symptoms of swelling, pain and lethargy could possibly mean, this patient found Dr. Jaime Schwartz at Total Lipedema Care. Following her formal diagnosis, Dr. Schwartz developed a customized treatment plan to specifically target her Lipedema. ⁣ ⁣

This patient lost more than 40 pounds after her first Lipedema procedure at Total Lipedema Care. She said her energy has been restored, along with her self confidence.


It is easy for a doctor to misdiagnose you as just being overweight or obese because of the extra weight you carry. The fat on your body may tell a different story. This is why you need to consult with fat disorder experts and plastic surgeons well versed in lipedema. If you are looking for a doctor to find answers, treatment, and long-term management for lipedema, Dr. Schwartz and his team in Beverly Hills understand that lipedema treatment is not about fixing a cosmetic problem – it is about improving your quality of life with a medical intervention. Call and schedule your first appointment today.
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