Manual Lipedema Extraction (MLE)

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What Are Lipedema Nodules

One of the characteristics of lipedema are firm, sometimes tender nodules. These can be small and referred to as “lipedema pearls”. However, they can also grow larger to the size of golf balls. Since lipedema fat is derived from inflammatory process, the nodules that develop are not only extremely firm but they are also intertwined in other connective tissues and firmly attached to the skin. Often times patients who are at stages 3 and 4 have such thick fibrous fat that not all their lipedema fat can be removed with liposuction due to cannula size. Removing these nodules is part of Lipedema Reduction treatment, but also needs to be performed in a gentle enough manner to spare fragile structures such as lymphatics, nerves, skin, and tissue.


After Dr Schwartz performs Lymphatic Sparing Liposuction, these nodules become even more apparent. This beaded fat is gently massaged similar to a deep Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) which expresses and dislodges them through incision sites to make sure as much lipedema fat is removed as possible during surgery. This technique leaves behind a smoother, softer, skin texture.

This specialized treatment has been developed by Dr Jaime Schwartz to help treat even the most difficult of Lipedema cases.

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